Hi, I am Ara Aslanyan
need express logos
in 3 days for some 100 buks
thats to me dou 🤙

below u can see what i'v done 👇


Rambalkoshe is an art collaborative union, doing lots of cool art staf.


We didn't have any idea what to name this, so we get high and start just peach out strange concepts.


after we smoke all the shit, we decide to name it after forgetten movie character.  And finnaly we stop on Eric Rambal-Cochet from a France movie The Toy. So we wrot as Rambalkoshe, ofcors no google for a proper name.


The logo as the naming, no sence at all. Only goal was to do a strange chinise look.


And it works! coz everyone get fun on the story also its working on socials super well, first row on a google yeee! 

This is a logo of a dance club named UPtown in Yerevan. is was a very popular one with a very intensive event plane, every month had a special program.


So first i redesigned the logo. fist goal was to do it as simple as possible, but with a multiple assotiations in one. my Second goal; the art must  work as user-pictur very well.  So i shape a super simple heart rotated in a way u can find boobs and ass, also build in letters U+P in it.


To be more dynamic in social I ask my friends to draw the logo as they see the month.


Slide pictures to see how it worked.

Achajour is an iconic cafeteria in Yerevan.


The name Achajour means natural source of water, so i had. this task to illustrate an icon visually describing it. On top of the icon is the source, below the water. This is a sort of unique sign for both for the idea in general and for the brand.


The lettering is specially made from scrach for the cafeteria, so the typeface is also a unique one. specially hard job was to work on Armenian version. 


the sign is working great and in socials as an emblem in creative materials.